TwoCoast Database Administrators

The great technology in TCSupportCenter would be wasted if it weren't backed by TwoCoast's highly experienced staff of Oracle database administrators. TwoCoast DBAs are Oracle database professionals committed to success and professionalism, possessing excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Experience Matters

All TwoCoast DBAs are Oracle Certified Professionals (OCP), have a minimum of 10 years of Oracle experience, and have demonstrated consistent success in diverse database environments like e-commerce, ERP, data warehousing, OLTP and more. The database is central to all of these environments and our DBAs understand the finer points of structuring it to perform its best.

Our DBAs also have significant experience with operating system administration, network configuration, project management, and application development. This gives us a distinct advantage over other database administrators who solely focus on database internals. Our DBAs never forget that your database is part of a larger whole. Take advantage of our experience and contact us today!

Customer Quote

"I have worked with TwoCoast for approximately 2 years. I was extremely impressed by our DBA the first time we met. He was very confident, willing to jump in, and not afraid to go the extra mile. I could tell he was already working on a plan to help stabilize and maintain the system. We previously had DBAs that were only willing to do as they were told."

Customer Quote

"Our consultant is focused, intent, and highly respected by managers and peers. It is a pleasure to work with him and have him an active member of the team."
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