Deployment Examples

TwoCoast takes pride in a long history of successful remote DBA deployments. Our high-quality database administration services significantly reduce IT costs, allowing our clients to focus on core business needs and develop other projects and skills. The following deployment summaries illustrate the success of our client relationships.

Case #1: TCSupportCenter vs. Internal Resources

TwoCoast Consulting has provided remote Oracle DBA services to Eastman Kodak since 1998, when their Internet Marketing group decided that Kodak's internal DBA support team could not provide the uptime and response time necessary to support TwoCoast provides 24x7 DBA support for seven Oracle production, test, and development instances, maintaining an unprecedented level of database uptime. TwoCoast also provides Veritas file system clustering support and assistance with Unix system architecture design.

Case #2: Database Monitoring and Staff Augmentation

Rochester-based Choice One Communications, Inc. chose TwoCoast Consulting in 2002 to augment their existing DBA team, responsible for more than forty Oracle databases. With TwoCoast providing 24x7 database monitoring and DBA support coverage during off-hours, weekends, and holidays, as well as overflow coverage during business hours, Choice One saves money with a reduced DBA headcount and enjoys improved reliability gained by stringent database monitoring. TCSupportWeb has improved communication between database administrators, developers and project managers.

Use of the TwoCoast TCAgent monitoring system has enabled our DBA group to focus on customers.  We no longer write or schedule monitoring jobs, that job is done by TwoCoast.  The TwoCoast system notifies us of system anomalies and we are then able to act on them at once.  The key for us is that TwoCoast worked with us to design a monitoring solution that was specific to our needs.  That is, we weren’t stuck with an out-of-the-box set of monitors that only partially suited our needs.   The ability to get customized monitoring and customized monitor scheduling made the TwoCoast solution perfect.  As an added bonus the Monitoring system and the Job Ticketing system are integrated.  When situations arise we can easily and quickly search prior Job Tickets for similar alerts, situations for a specific database, and many other criteria.  That alone has greatly reduced the amount of time we spend on most database problems.

Dick Babiarz
Senior Database Administrator
Choice One Communications, Inc.

Case #3: Temporary DBA Replacement

Charter One Bank Auto Finance needed temporary Oracle database support in 1999 during a DBA recruitment search to replace a former employee. TwoCoast has been their sole provider ever since. The following letter describes why:

Dear TwoCoast,

I am taking this opportunity on behalf of Charter One Auto Finance to express our gratitude for the levels of service, professionalism and value that we consistently receive from TwoCoast. Mike Gilbert and Steve Riegel are consistently "bending over backwards" to service this account, and their hard work as been more than just a solid contribution to the success of our data warehouse. We consider TwoCoast to be a strategic business partner, and not just another vendor.

Looking back, we had originally planned on using TwoCoast as a stopgap measure while looking to replace a recently departed database administrator. As we struggled in our search for a qualified and affordable DBA, it became apparent that partnering with TwoCoast over the long haul was much more equitable than hiring a full-time person. Their support infrastructure and service level agreements have provided us everything we needed in a full-time DBA - at a fraction of the cost.

Furthermore, TwoCoast has not only excelled with our staff augmentation requirements, but also performed extremely well in project-based engagements, such as our data warehouse expansion and storage area network integration. We have been impressed with the level of service, technical knowledge, and customer focus that TwoCoast brings to the table.

In summary, we appreciate your services and look forward to continuing our partnership.


Fred Hamilton
Systems Manager
Charter One Auto Finance

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