Task Type: Database Monitor
Configurable: Yes
Host Dependent: No
Schedule Dependent: Yes


The ActiveSessionMonitor generates an alert when the sum of active Oracle sessions exceeds a threshold for some number of consecutive samples. This task is particularly useful for detecting problems with web applications when database sessions stop executing requests in a timely manner, causing an increased number of active sessions.


The <ActiveSessionMonitorConfig> element is configured with the following attributes:

Attribute Required Description
MAX_SESSIONS Yes Defines the Active Sessions threshold. When the number of active sessions detected is greater than MAX_SESSIONS the internal sample counter is incremented.
CONSECUTIVE_SAMPLES Yes Defines the Samples threshold. An alert is generated when MAX_SESSIONS is exceeded for a number of consecutive SAMPLES.
STATEMENT_THRESHOLD No Specifies whether any SQL statements currently being executed by active sessions are returned in the log file. When more than 'n' (defined by STATEMENT_THRESHOLD) active sessions are executing the same SQL statement, the SQL statement is included in the alert attachment.


<ActiveSessionMonitorConfig MAX_SESSIONS="40" 

In this example, TCAgent generates an alert it detects more than forty active sessions during three consecutive task executions. Identical SQL statements being executed by more than five active sessions are included in the alert attachment.

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