Task Type: Database Monitor
Configurable: Yes
Host Dependent: No
Schedule Dependent: No


The ThresholdMonitor generates an alert when an internal Oracle resource reaches a configurable percentage of the maximum value allowed, as defined by the Oracle initialization parameters. The monitored resources are processes, DML locks and open cursors.


The <ThresholdMonitorConfig> element is must contain between one and three <Parameter> elements; each <Parameter> element specifies one of the three resources to monitor:

Attribute Required Description
NAME No Specifies which resource to monitor. Must be one of the following: "processes", "open_cursors", "dml_locks".
THRESHOLD No Defines the upper limit that the specified resource can reach, as a percentage of the maximum value allowed (as defined in the initialization parameters). When this threshold is reached an alert is sent.


  <Parameter NAME="processes" THRESHOLD="70"/>
  <Parameter NAME="open_cursors" THRESHOLD="70"/>
  <Parameter NAME="dml_locks" THRESHOLD="70"/>

In this example, TCAgent sends an alert when the number of database processes, open_cursors, or dml_locks exceeds 70% of the maximums defined by the initialization parameters.

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