Task Type: Database Monitor
Configurable: Yes
Host Dependent: No
Schedule Dependent: No


The DBCheck task verifies that a database is running and accepting new connections. The task executes as follows:

  1. TCAgent attempts to create a new database connection
  2. If the connection fails, TCAgent waits 15 seconds and attempts a second connection

If both connection attempts fail, TCAgent sends a MULTIPLE_CONNECTION_FAILURE alert. If the first connection fails, but the second succeeds, TCAgent sends a SINGLE_CONNECTION_FAILURE alert.

The manner in which these two alert types are handed in TCSupportCenter is configurable. The SINGLE_CONNECTION_FAILURE alert is typically assigned a severity of WARNING (meaning a job ticket is created but no page is sent) while a MULTIPLE_CONNECTION_FAILURE is assigned a severity of ERROR (meaning that a page is sent and a job ticket is created).

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