Task Type: Server Utiility
Configurable: Yes
Host Dependent: Yes
Schedule Dependent: No


The FileCleaner task deletes files from the local file system. Files are selected for deletion based on location, name and age.


The <FileCleanerConfig> element must contain at least one <Location> element; each <Location> element must contain the following four attributes:

Attribute Required Description
PATH Yes The fully qualified path name of the directory or folder from which files are to be removed.
MASK Yes A regular expression used to select files.
OLDER_THAN Yes Used in conjunction with the UNITS attribute; specifies which files will be removed based on the last modification date.
UNITS Yes Specifies which unit to use when selecting files. The supplied value must be one of: MINUTES, HOURS, DAYS.


  <Location PATH="/opt/oracle/admin/TSTDB/arch1"                  

In this example, TCAgent deletes files in the /opt/oracle/admin/TSTDB/arch1 directory that have an extension of .arc and are older than four days.

Usage Notes

  • The FileCleaner task may be configured with more than one <Location> element.
  • After each execution, TCAgent sends an alert to TCSupportCenter containing the names of the files that were deleted.
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